Investment Opportunities in Equities with Andro Beltran

In this first section of the webinar, Mr. Andro Leo Beltran, AVP and Head of Business Development and Market Education of First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation, talks about investment opportunities in equities.

Get insights on the current trends in the equity market, exploring opportunities in the stock market, and building investment momentum.

Watch the second part of Building Investment Momentum in Challenging Times with Mr. Joey Bondoc here:

0:00 Introduction
6:10 Financial Literacy in the Philippines
9:10 Why Investment Momentum is Going Down
13:02 Change the way you look at money
19:03 How Real Estate Investing is faring in the pandemic
21:40 Stock market investing
33:09 Mutual Funds
39:25 Exchange traded funds
41:56 Real estate investing
45:14 Real estate investment trust
48:10 Tips on investing in real estate
50:42 State of investment in the Philippines
52:31 Upward investment momentum
57:07 Conclusion

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